CHI Outreach Overview

CHI is proud to support these organizations and causes.


The Alexander Handy Memorial & Scholarship Foundation


projectalex1About the Foundation 
"Project Alex" is a not-for-profit organization established in 2006 after the death of Alex Handy, who was hit by a car and killed while he was on his bicycle.

This foundation was established to assist the community through youth safety and scholastics. The long-term goal of the foundation is to play an active role in youth safety and education through donations, sponsorship, fundraisers, and events.

Through enhanced awareness, we can and will encourage youths through foundation projects and sponsorships to be aware of what can happen as pedestrians, as riders of bikes or drivers of a cars, if you are careless or not prepared for a situation. We remind our community to be cautious around cars and bikes.

The foundation will provide an annual $2,500 scholarship to a Medway High School senior.  The qualifying criteria for this scholarship will not be solely based on grade point average. This will not necessarily be the best student in the school.  The scholarship will be given to an individual that had to fight or might have struggled to achieve decent grades.  Emphasis on the arts will also be a qualifier. 

We will also provide a minimum $250 gift to a student at the Medway Junior High School each year.  This gift will also be based on criteria listed above (in the annual scholarship.) About Alex
100% of the money that we raise goes back to the community. Project Alex reminds the young people in our community to be careful, be cautious, be safe and most of all be a free spirit and enjoy life as Alex did!

About Alexprojectalex2On June 10, 2006 our son Alex was killed while crossing a busy street on his bicycle.  While indications were that a helmet would not have helped in his situation, helmets do save lives.  Alex was a “free-spirit” who loved basketball and skateboarding. He was a great big brother and a caring friend.

Alex had ADHD (diagnosed at age 6) and while he really didn’t like school much, he was very creative, a good artist, and was very grateful to receive a good report card. He struggled often to pass a test, finish a report and turn in assignments on time.  Through diligent studying and spending more time on homework, his grades improved each year.

When we award scholarships to students each year, we judge their submissions more on a creative basis than a scholastic one.


JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge

On June 28, 2007 employees of CHI gathered on Boston Common for the start of the 24th annual JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge—just one of a series of worldwide races organized by JPMorgan each year.  We joined a sold-out crowd of 12,000 runners on a 3.5 mile run winding through the streets of Boston. 

Our participation was a great chance to have fun with co-workers and foster a work/life balance that is so important here at CHI.  Best of all, JPMorgan generously donates a portion of each registration to Boston’s Waterfront Performing Arts Series.

JPMorgan Chase 

Holiday Giving

heifer Int 

Heifer International

Every holiday season, CHI’s Social Service Committee seeks to find new ways to give both within our community and on a global level.  In 2007, we sought to give staff a unique way to integrate charitable giving into their holiday season.  What we came up with was a fundraising initiative to support Heifer International—a non-profit organization that works to provide animals, trees and bees to impoverished people around the world. 

Gifts purchased through Heifer International are sent to families around the world, helping them to develop reliable and sustainable sources of nourishment and income for themselves and their communities.  Through the many generous donations from our staff, we successfully raised $660.  These funds were used to purchase three goats, one llama, honey bees and tree seedlings.

Our hope is that these gifts will serve as a foundation for change and a source of hope for the receiving families.

Salvation Army’s Hat and Mitten Mountain Initiative

For the past three years, staff members at CHI have collected unused hats, mittens and scarves for adults and children in need in the Boston area.  Our donations are combined with those of other organizations and individuals who support the Salvation Army’s initiatives, and distributed during their annual Christmas Castle event held each December on Boston Common.

We hope to continue our work with Heifer International  and the Salvation Army for many years to come and will continue to seek new ways to be involved in community and worldwide outreach programs.