Building Relationships with Clinical Research Sites March 2019

Mar 20, 2019
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Course Description

Relationships between sites and sponsors are often strained, and poor communication can interfere with having a productive study. Sites are contacted by multiple personnel during the study start-up process, and perhaps even during the study. By focusing on building relationships with the sites, the delays and errors in the startup and ongoing study process can be avoided. It is critical that the individuals working with the sites are in a position through training, knowledge, and support to positively reflect the sponsor and to ensure there is no gap in communication. This web seminar will focus on a variety of techniques for clinical study teams to use in building stronger relationships with the sites. Real-life scenarios and problem solving techniques will be discussed based on what can appear to be unreasonable monitor and sponsor requests to the site research staff.

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Learning Objectives

  • Evaluate the study start-up process and build relationships right from the beginning
  • Implement advanced monitoring and communication techniques for Clinical Research Associates and staff interacting with the sites during the study
  • Utilize problem solving techniques based on a variety of real-life scenarios to allow sponsors/CROs and sites to work as partners during all phases of study execution

Who Should Attend

  • Study Coordinators
  • Site Regulatory Managers
  • Clinical Research Associate Managers
  • Clinical Research Associates
  • Principal Investigators
  • Site Managers


Elizabeth Ronk Nelson, M.P.H.

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